Wireless outdoor sensors

​… available for all ventilation controls!

The humidity and temperature sensors were previously connected to the ventilation control with a 4-pin sensor cable with an RJ11 plug. However, many building projects do not allow a wired connection between the outdoor sensor and the ventilation control due to structural difficulties. For this reason, all ventilation controls are now available as an option with a radio-controlled outdoor sensor instead of wired.

Symb. Darstellung der Funkverbindung.

From now on all ventilation controls available as 230V version and with battery!

Our humidity and temperature sensors are connected by a 4 pole cable with RJ11 connector for ventilation control. In most building projects, meter-long sensor cables are laid outside to the north or east side of the house in a very complex way. In some building projects, such wired connection is not possible. For this reason, all ventilation control systems can be equipped with radio-controlled outdoor sensors instead of wired ones. If you have a 230V connection nearby, we recommend the sensor type 100-145. If there is no power supply nearby, you can also use the space-saving wireless outdoor sensor with battery type 100-154

Battery Outdoor Sensor

You don’t want any cables on the outside facade and possibly don’t have an electrical connection there either? Then the new wireless outdoor sensor with batteries is just right for you. The wireless outdoor sensor works energy-saving with 3 AA batteries, which are already included in the scope of delivery. The battery life is about 1 year and can be replaced by the customer at any time. Therefore you do not need an additional power supply nearby. The matching receiver is included in the scope of delivery.

Transmission frequency: 865 MHz
Battery: 3x AA
range: approx. 30 m
Data transmission: every 2 minutes
Transmission power: 30 mW
Housing dimensions HxWxD: 85 x 85 x 47 mm

230V Outdoor Sensor

If the sensor cables are not to be laid on the outside facade, it is possible to use a wireless outdoor sensor. With type 100-145 you need a 230V connection nearby, for example via a nearby outdoor light or the heating sensor. Also with this wireless outdoor sensor the suitable receiver is included in the scope of delivery.

The radio link between receiver and outdoor sensor (= transmitter)

According to the manufacturer, the radio range is specified as 30 meters. Depending on the building and wall thickness, the range can also be shorter. We therefore recommend to test the installation location beforehand. The radio link works on a freely approved radio frequency of 865 MHz.

1:n : 1 outdoor sensor and several ventilation controls

With a radio-controlled outdoor sensor, several ventilation controls can also be operated. All you need are additional receivers, which are mounted to the additional ventilation control units by means of cables.

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