Fan to the dew point ventilation controls

The search for the perfect fan …

… for dew point ventilation control is time consuming. After all, the market offers a wide variety of fans. The right decision is therefore even more difficult. You have found the right counterpart in these low-noise fans. The high-quality fans have a low-noise motor with overload protection and slide bearings. They are therefore very durable. They open silently and close tightly with an inner lock, so that neither moist air nor cold temperatures get into the room.

Lüfter zu den Taupunkt Lüftungssteuerungen

Technical details about our fans

The ventilation direction can be programmed using a wire bridge (supply / exhaust air). All fans are suitable for wall and window installation! You can obtain the required screw set for wall installation from us as an accessory. We would be happy to provide you with a schematic representation of the installation of the fans for the dew point ventilation controls in windows and walls.

The technical data for the fans can be found in the untenable table.

Pendulum fan type 100–152/232 – NEW

We generally recommend the use of two fans for optimal ventilation and dehumidification. However, there are often very small rooms or shafts in buildings that are very humid and can hardly be ventilated with fresh air. The fan type 100 – 152 is suitable for particularly small rooms up to 15 square meters, in which there is also no possibility to mount a second fan for cross ventilation.

The pendulum fan is identical to the above Fan type 100-150. The pendulum fan has been further developed by us as a pendulum fan that automatically changes its ventilation direction and can thus ventilate and dehumidify a small room. The direction of ventilation is changed approximately every 5 minutes so that sufficient air exchange is guaranteed.

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