Cellar ventilation 100-720

Damp cellar? Wet cellar? Musty air?

Damp cellar? Wet cellar? Musty air?

There are around two million damp cellars and houses in Austria. House residents often ventilate, but usually at the wrong time when the climatic conditions are not right. As a result, condensation is added to the existing moisture. The walls soak up the condensation and the formation of large areas of mold is then only a matter of time.

This can be remedied by automatic ventilation that ventilates at the right time. The right time is given when the dew point outside is lower than in the basement. So the air outside is drier than inside. The basement ventilation therefore only ventilates the rooms if the outside air is able to absorb moisture at all. This is determined by measuring the dew point.

Kellerlüftung 100-720 für feuchter Keller, nasse Keller und modrige Luft


Program 0:Automatic ventilation program stopped, but measurements continue.

Program 1:Automatic burst ventilation (dehumidification). Always start dehumidification with Prog 1. To dehumidify basements, automatic burst ventilation is carried out here. Thanks to the cross ventilation, the cellar air is exchanged relatively quickly with dry outside air without the walls cooling down. The control then stops (if the dew point is less than 1 ° C) and waits again for the set ventilation conditions. Control also suitable for fans with heat recovery. Interval programs for maintenance ventilation are set when the dehumidification has been carried out successfully.

Program 2-9:Programs 2 – 9 are interval ventilation programs. Program 2: interval ventilation. Fan on for 5 minutes at an interval of 20 minutes. Program 3: interval ventilation. Fan on for 5 minutes with an interval of 30 minutes. Program 4: Interval ventilation. Fan on for 5 minutes with an interval of 40 minutes. Program 5: Interval ventilation. Fan on for 5 minutes with an interval of 50 minutes. Program 6: Interval ventilation. Fan on for 5 minutes with an interval of 60 minutes. Program 7: Interval ventilation. Fan on for 5 minutes at an interval of 70 minutes. Program 8: Interval ventilation. Fan on for 5 minutes at an interval of 80 minutes. Program 9: Interval ventilation. Fan on for 5 minutes with an interval of 90 minutes.

Program 10:Shows the software version number: VER – 6.X

Program 11:Testing the fans without measuring. One of the output terminals is switched to 230 volts

Program 12:The control only works according to the set dew point difference (effective humidity). The factory setting is at 5 ° C dew point. This is an empirical value over many years to ensure dehumidification and the events in which the external conditions are suitable. In Prog 12, however, you can also change the difference from 2 ° C to 9 ° C Dp. If you reduce the difference, i.e. let it go towards 2, ventilation takes place very often, but hardly any dehumidification. This can of course be very useful for the ventilation of workshops or offices. Conversely, if you increase the dew point difference towards 9 ° C, more dehumidification will occur, but events that suit the conditions will tend to be rarer.

Program 13:With this program point, the lowering of the interior temperature can be limited, at which the ventilation stops and the air flaps of our fans close tightly. The selection can be made between 5 ° C and 25 ° C in 1 degree steps. (Factory setting: 8 ° C). To effectively dehumidify a basement, you need a temperature difference between inside and outside. With a temperature limit of 5 ° C, dehumidification becomes more effective and the events increase. In winter you don’t have to be afraid that the air in the basement is too cold and something could freeze. The factory setting of 8 ° C is a good average. If you now set the interior temperature higher, the events in which effective dehumidification can take place quickly become fewer. Example: If the interior temperature is limited to 16 ° C, dehumidification can no longer take place at an outside temperature of 12 ° C. To activate or deactivate the keypad lock, first pull the power plug. Then open the junction box with a screwdriver. To the right of the outside sensor socket is a slide switch with a red slide. In order to prevent unauthorized program changes, the Prog button can be locked by sliding the slider down, which locks the Prog button. If you push the slider back up, the Prog button is functional again.



The menu mode is activated by pressing the Prog button and the program is selected first. The desired program can now be selected with the Up/Down buttons (see table). Program 3 is set at the factory. Press the Prog. Button again to return to the operating mode.

If the device is in normal operating mode, the display can be switched between dew point and temperature using the (Te-Tp) (Tp for dew point) key, and between dew point and relative humidity using the (r.H.-Tp) (Tp for dew point) key. This means that the current values ​​can be read from both sensors. The dimensions for the respective measured values ​​light up in the window. The selection is retained even in the event of a power failure or unplugging the device.

working principle

The functional principle is clearly explained using a video.


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Technical specifications

Operating Voltage/watt:  230V/50 Hz/ 3.5 W
Fan current / voltage:  max. 5 A, 230V
Connection type: terminals
Display:  2 x LED 12.5 mm red
Resolution:  0.1 Grad
Measuring range temperature:   -26°C bis +76°C
Accuracy:  ± 0,5 % ± 2 Digits
Measuring range humidity:  5% bis 99%
Accuracy:  ± 1,8 % ± 3 Digits
Measuring range dew point:  -54°C bis +75°C
Accuracy:  ± 1,8 % ± 2 Digits
Program run Program 1 – 9: see table
Probe length: Standard 10 meters each
Special length: up to 50 meters possible
Dimensions wall housing:  165 x 155 x 70 mm
Dimensions of the sensor housing:  85 x 85 x 80 mm
Working temperature control:  -20°C bis 50°C
Working temperature sensor:  -20°C bis 50°C
Mounting type: wall mounting
Protection class control / sensor:  IP51

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