Die neue Touch Taupunkt oder Universal Lüftungssterung
Schimmelbildung vermeiden mit der Taupunkt Lüftung
Die neue Touch Taupunkt Lüftung 100-600
Die Lüftungssteuerung inklusive zwei Lüfter benötigen lediglich soviel Strom wie eine 60 Watt Glühbirne
Sie entfeuchten die Keller auf natürliche Weise mit trockener Außenluft.

Moisture in the house

Damp cellars, damp walls, musty smell is the problem of many homeowners. Formation of condensation or even mould on the wall?

Dehumidification in a

natural way

The solution here is a ventilation control, which is controlled according to the dew point! In contrast to many control systems that only regulate according to the relative humidity, the dew point ventilation control system effectively dehumidifies the walls and mould is now a thing of the past.

Advantages & Benefits

The ventilation control including two fans only require as much power as a 60 Watt light bulb. In standby mode, the control unit requires only 3 watts. By using the controls, you prevent the formation of condensation and mold. They dehumidify the cellars in a natural way with dry outside air.

Think about your health!

Permanent illnesses can be caused by visible and invisible mold. These can range from irritations, allergies or even infections. Especially infants, children and immunocompromised persons are at high risk of health problems due to mould.



Energy-saving dehumidification solutions for many applications. Whether in cellar, garage, winter garden or living room. Here you get an overview of all products!

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