NEW! Basement dew point ventilation with Touch 100-600 / 610

The new cellar ventilation with touchscreen

The problem – damp basements

According to statistics, there are 2 million houses in Germany, some of which have considerable problems with moisture in cellars and basement rooms. Ventilation is often done wrong, so that condensation is added to the already existing moisture in the masonry. The walls soak up with the condensation and large-scale mold formation is then only a matter of time. Automatic cellar ventilation can help here in the long term.

Neu Kellerlüftung Taupunkt Lüftung mit Touch 100-600 und 100-610

The new cellar ventilation with touchscreen – what’s new?

The new dew point ventilation control 100-600 shines in a new design with many new possibilities. Starting on the start screen, you now have a direct overview of all six measured values, similar to the 100-700: rel. Humidity outside & inside, temperature outside & inside, dew point outside & inside. Due to the new 5 inch touchscreen, the previous buttons are being replaced by red buttons that can be operated directly on the touch panel. With the help of the detailed operating instructions, you can now make all the settings you want quickly and clearly. If text passages have a green background, this setting is currently active. The new ventilation control system will also immediately show you a fault message should a sensor fail.

TOUCH dew point ventilation with data storage type 100-610

The technical data are identical to the TOUCH type 100-600 dew point ventilation control, but now with data storage for a micro SD card. Every hour, it generates detailed documentation of all climate data and ventilation behavior. This shows you when the fans are switched on and off. It is also recorded if there is a sensor failure. The micro SD card is not included. The file is saved in CSV format and can be evaluated using Excel.

How does the basement ventilation dew point ventilation control work?

The optimal ventilation conditions are determined using precision dew point sensors. This means that the moist cellar or room air can be exchanged for dry air throughout the year. The dew point ventilation control only ventilates the rooms if the outside air is even able to absorb and transport moisture. The dew point temperature is the measure of the absolute humidity in the air. The lower this is, the more water vapor it can absorb. The dew point temperature is measured and evaluated by the ventilation control. The keys can be used to select the intervals on the one hand, and the current data temperature, rel. Humidity and dew point temperature can be read for both dew point sensors.


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Technical data of the dew point ventilation control

Operating Voltage/watt: 230V / 50Hz, 2.5 Watt
Fan voltage output:  230V 5A
Connection type: Lift clamps
Display: 5 inch touchscreen
Resolution: 0.1 degrees
Measuring range temperature:  -26°C bis +76°C
Measuring range dew point:  -54°C bis +75°C
Accuracy:  ± 1,8% ± 3 Digits
Program start: Tp <= 5 ° C dew point (Tp=dew point)
Dimensions housing:  165 x 155 x 70 mm
Dimensions 2x sensors:  85 x 85 x 80 mm
Working temperature sensor:  -30°C bis 50°C
Mounting type: wall mounting

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