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Dew point basement ventilation control 100-720

The proven dew point cellar ventilation control type 100-720 dehumidifies cellars in a natural way. Do you have a damp basement, wet walls or the air smells musty? Then you are exactly right with this control!

 Kellerlüftung 100-720 für feuchter Keller, nasse Keller und modrige Luft

New basement ventilation dew point ventilation with Touch 100-600!

The problem – damp basements

According to statistics, there are 2 million houses in Germany, some of which have considerable problems with moisture in cellars and basement rooms. Ventilation is often done wrong, so that condensation is added to the already existing moisture in the masonry. The walls soak up with the condensation and large-scale mold formation is then only a matter of time. Automatic cellar ventilation can help here in the long term.

Neu Kellerlüftung Taupunkt Lüftung mit Touch 100-600

New all-round carefree cellar ventilation with touch 100-650!

Damp basement? Wet walls? Moisture problems in the wine cellar or winter garden?

This new control contains all programs of the previous controls 100-720, 100-730, 100-740 and 100-750, but now with more options for settings and, above all, possible uses. With the now much smaller housing (identical to the 100-600), all values ​​of the sensors are still clearly and immediately visible in six fields on the new 5 inch touchscreen monitor.

NEU! Universal Lüftung mit Touch 100-650 und 100-660

Fan for the dew point ventilation controls 100-150 / 152 + 100-230 / 232

The search for the perfect fan …

... for dew point ventilation control is time consuming. After all, the market offers a variety of fans. The right decision is therefore even more difficult. You have found the right counterpart with these low-noise fans.

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